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Kerim Fitz-Gerald



Get to Know Me

Hi, my name is Kerim Fitz-Gerald and my friends call me Giz. I was born in South Africa on the 7th of January 1987.


My philosophy of life -


Live for today, you never know what tomorrow has in store


I decided to retire from my motocross career in 2020 after my 10th National Title in South Africa. It wasn't long before I started competing in the National Cross Country Series which is where I am at now - chasing the National Overall title in the series and have some bigger goals which I am working towards.


I got my first bike when I was 3 years old and it was an ornament for a while but in short I have raced ever since. It is more than just racing bikes, it's being able to do what I love, with my family, friends and the people and teams who support me.

Apart from racing the most important aspects in my life are my family, my wife and daughters. My favourite food is this home cooked chicken which I like to call - favourite chicken.

Motorsport in South Africa

I want to use my platform to promote and grow motorsport as a whole. To be able to provide those who have a love for motorsport in South Africa and to create awareness around motorsport more specifically cross country, motocross as well as rally.

Content image by Kevin Mark Pass. Picture of Kerim standing to the side with his arms crossed in front of an orange KTM banner wearing his Red Bull hat and Red Bull KTM team shirt.

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